Social housing market in binh duong

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    In the context of tightening credit and scarce housing supply, affordable social housing projects with full legal compliance and special payment support policies, such as New Lavida, have been assessed by experts as a potent lifeline for homebuyers and a means to boost liquidity in the stagnant real estate market.
    Returning to practical value, social housing is on the rise. After a real estate market difficulty resolution conference held on February 17th, several proposals were put forward, with a focus on restructuring housing products to align prices with their true value. Above all, there's an emphasis on prioritizing the development of social housing projects (NOXH), which have been in short supply for many years. "Home prices have been continuously rising, and high-interest rates for loans have made it difficult for low-income workers to find affordable housing. At this moment, social housing is seen as the most suitable and feasible choice for homebuyers, and it also has the potential to revitalize the market," said one expert.
    For individuals like Ms. Thuy Ngoan (60 years old, residing in Di An), purchasing a social housing unit at New Lavida along with her husband and son upon retirement was a dream come true. "I couldn't believe that one day I would have a social housing apartment that's as high-quality as commercial housing. It comes with a rooftop swimming pool, a central shopping area, a 2,000-square-meter daycare center equipped with modern facilities, a spacious green park, spa, a multi-story medical clinic, and more," shared Ms. Ngoan emotionally.
    For Mr. Tung Lam, besides the modern amenities at New Lavida, the delivery of the apartment with European-standard furnishings, such as the leading British kitchen equipment brand Dudoff, sanitary equipment brands like Nippon, Viglacera, Inax, Cotto, along with LED lighting systems, smart locks, and luxurious accessories, left a lasting impression. Additionally, New Lavida is managed and operated by the Anabuki Group, which has over 58 years of experience in real estate management in Japan, ensuring the highest quality of life and maximum security for residents.

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